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  • What equipments are required to use iTalkBB's service?

    You must have high-speed Internet access, and a router. We'll provide you with an iTalkBB phone adaptor, which is used to connect your telephone and router.

    What is high-speed internet?
    High speed internet provides a fast and always-on access to the Internet that will bring you faster service and faster results with unique broadband content. DSL, Cable, Satellite, and T-1 lines are common types of high speed internet. iTalkBB uses the Internet and data networks to send and receive calls. Because it uses your existing high-speed Internet connection, it offers great savings on long distance and international calls.
    What is Phone Adapter and where can I get one?
    After you sign up for iTalkBB's service, you will receive our installation kit, which includes the Phone Adapter.
    Phone Adapter transfers our regular voice from the telephone to digital signal, and then it is transmitted through the internet.
    Is there any other equipment can be used to replace iTalkBB's Phone Adapter?
    No. Only iTalkBB's Phone Adapter can support our phone service and ensure good quality.
    What is a router and where can I get one?
    Router is a computer networking device that allows you to connect more than one piece of equipments to your DSL or Cable modem to share one Internet connection.
    You can find routers in you local computer supply store, Wal-Mart, and online stores. Depending on different brands, the price after discount is usually from $5 to $40. Any basic router is compatible with iTalkBB's Phone Adapter.
    Do I have to have a router in order to use iTalkBB's service?

    Yes. Some newest models of DSL and Cable modems have built in routers. You will find multiple cat-5 jacks to hook up our Phone Adapter, in this case there is no need to purchase a separate router.

    What kinds of telephones are compatible with iTalkBB's service?

    Any type of telephone is compatible with iTalkBB's Phone Adapter. For your convenience we strongly suggest customers to use cordless phones with multiple handsets throughout the whole house.

    I have dial-up internet service; can I subscribe iTalkBB's service?

    No. Our service requires high speed internet access.

    How do I install iTalkBB's Phone Adapter?
    Install the Phone Adapter is very simple. You must first check and make sure your internet connection and router are working properly.
    Use our RJ45 cable provided to hook up one end to your Phone Adapter and the other end to your router.
    Use our RJ11 cable provided to hook up one end to your Phone Adapter and the other end to your telephone.
    Connect the power of Phone Adapter.
    You will see a green indicating light flashing on the Phone Adapter for about 30 seconds. Once it stops flashing, the phone is ready to use.
    Can I use multiple phones with iTalkBB's service?
    It is the best to use cordless phones with multiple handsets throughout out the whole house. Simply hook up the base set with iTalkBB's Phone Adapter for all other sets to work.
    You may also purchase a multiple phone jack, and hook up with the phone jack on iTalkBB's Phone Adapter. You will have multiple phones from the same Phone Adapter.
    Some users plug the Phone Adapter directly to the wall jack. We do not suggest customers to do this on their own, simply because it requires some advanced knowledge in electric products. You will have to check and make sure the wall jack does not carry any PSTN voltage (you can find out by using a tester which can be purchased at Radio Shack). iTalkBB is not responsible for any damages to equipments or network caused by errors during wall wiring.
    What should I do if my Phone Adapter does not work?

    iTalkBB has a life time guarantee on Phone Adapters. If for any reason your Phone Adapter fails to work, iTalkBB will replace it at no cost. Please send email request to KoreanSupport@italkbb.com, and you will be given instructions on how to mail back your broken box. Once we receive your equipment, a new one will be send out to you at no cost.