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  • Hi speed is required to utilize iTalkBB service. Internet speed will have a high factor in stability of service quality. All plan subscribers will be charged with a $29.99 activation fee and a $9.99 Phone Adapter shipping fee. Subscribers of Global Unlimited Plan or Global Unlimited Plus Plan that require one year or longer contract will get the activation fee waived. Unlimited calls including mobile applies to US, Canada, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, all other calls to mobile, premium, and special service numbers are not included in the unlimited plans.
    Any customer who wish to enroll in iTalkBB service and are currently enrolled in DSL or Cable bundle package should consult your current DSL or Cable providers to fully understand the terms and conditions. Any charges incurred due to early termination or customer error will be the customers' responsibility.
    Except No Contract Plan subscribers, all the other customers must utilize iTalkBB service for at least 1 year to avoid the early termination fee of $99.00. The contract period may vary. Rebate recovery fee will be charged if you cancel after the 30-day money back guarantee period and within the contract period. Customer must return the Phone Adapter and all the attachments to iTalkBB within 7 days after the cancellation and if iTalkBB does not receive the Phone Adapter within 15 days, the customer will be charged Deactivation Fee($59.99).
    30 day money back guarantee will take in effect when and if the customer terminates their service within 30 days from the activation date. Billing cycle will start when service is activated or 15 days after customer sign up date. iTalkBB reserves the right to investigate misusage and not all alarms and credit card machines are compatible with VoIP technology, please consult your alarm company before ordering iTalkBB service.
    30 day money back guarantee applies to customers who cancel iTalkBB service within 30 days and use less than 500 minutes. The 30 day money back guarantee does not apply to any additional toll charges for calling regions which are not included in your subscription plan.
    Only $24.99 Global Unlimited Plan subscribers and $34.99 Global Unlimited Plus Plan subscribers are eligible to receive Free 500 minutes of iTalkGlobal every month for 2 cell phones for the first contract period. Global Unlimited Plan users can make calls using iTalkGlobal to Korean landlines for 500 minutes for free every month and cents per minute will be charged if Global Unlimited Plan users make calls using iTalkGlobal to Korean mobile phones. Global Unlimited Plus plan subscribers can make calls using iTalkGlobal not only to Korean landlines but also to Korean mobile phones for 1000 minutes for free every month. After allowance, 2.6 cents per minute for calls to Korean landlines and 4.8 cents per minute for calls to Korean mobile phones will be charged. Unused iTalkGlobal minutes don’t roll over to the next month.
    “Unlimited Calling” only applies to residential calling service. If there are usages for paid IVR services or commercial services, iTalk Global Communications Inc. has the right to investigate the case and take appropriate actions or cancel the service.
    Applicable Regulatory/Compliance Fees and Charges are additional charge over and above the basic fee for your iTalkBB service.