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    Recently, new phone service called VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) is getting more popular worldwide. VoIP is an advanced communication technology by converting voice into digital packets and transmitting them through the Internet like sending emails. As the number of users increases explosively in the IT developed countries including Korea, VoIP service is replacing rapidly conventional phone service in the United States due to the lower price and improved quality.

    The beauty of VoIP is low price and convenience. For example, iTalk Global Communications, Inc is offering Global Unlimited Plan which covers unlimited local, long distance, and international calling to 27 countries including Korea at the monthly price of $24.99. Therefore, the price of Global Unlimited Plan of iTalk Global Communications, Inc is considerably lower than its competitors.

    In addition, Global Unlimited Plan provides various free advanced features such as caller ID, 3 way calling, call forwarding, voicemail while other traditional telephone services charge them. Global Unlimited Plan subscribers can enjoy area code selection, free in-network calling, E-911 emergency dialing services. Most remarkably, VoIP service enables a new feature that was not even imaginable in the past. For example, iTalk Global Communications, Inc introduced a new concept of service called 'My Korea Number' which enables family and friends in Korea to make calls to iTalkBB subscribers with local rates. With 'MY Korea Number', the callers in Korea don't need to dial complicated international access code and area code to reach people in the US. Given that still most of Korean people consider the international call rate is too high to afford and making international calls is difficult, the demand of 'My Korea Number' is expected to be increasing tremendously.

    Most of Korean Americans who experienced the VoIP phone service are satisfied with price, quality, and its convenience. According to the recent survey conducted by iTalk Global Communications, Inc, iTalkBB users cannot tell any quality differences from the traditional telephone service. Their satisfaction is even much higher in terms of price, various features, convenience and its customer service. Therefore, along with the application of VoIP technology increases, in associated with mobile and Internet, the number of VoIP subscribers is expected to grow continuously.


    iTalk Global Communications, Inc is the leading VoIP service provider in North America offering high quality local, long distance, and international phone services at reasonable price through state-of-the art technology and advanced international VoIP network . iTalk Global Communications, Inc has offered international phone services using VoIP technology to major telecommunications carriers such as AT&T, MCI, and Sprint in the past before starting its service to residential consumers in June 2004. iTalk Global Communications Inc, headquartered in Tysons Corner, Virginia has branches and its subsidiary operations in Texas, China, Canada, Singapore, and Australia. With solid experience and infrastructure, iTalk Global Communications, Inc is expanding fast its business across the world.