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    Get the Points for Every Win of Korean National Baseball Team in the Guangzhou Asian Games 2010
    Vienna, VA, December 06, 2010
    iTalkBB, which was selected by Korea Daily/Joins America (Koreadaily.com) as the 2010-2011 best hit item in telecommunication services, starts a special promotion to support the Korean National Baseball Team in the Guangzhou Asian Games 2010. Shin Soo Choo, a Major League Baseball player and iTalkBB brand ambassador, will be representing Korea in this game.

    iTalkBB will be offering $5 worth of points each time the Korean baseball team wins a game. Also, if the baseball team wins the gold medal, we will provide 3months of Choo’s Global Unlimited Plan or Choo’s Global Unlimited Plus Plan for FREE. The new customers who sign up for Choo’s Global Unlimited Plan or Choo’s Global Unlimited Plus Plan will receive the benefits of this promotion from November 8th to December 12th.

    This special event is being held to wish that the Korean baseball team will continue their winning ways in the Guangzhou Asian Games 2010, as the team already won the gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. If the Korean baseball team wins the gold medal, then iTalkBB will offer benefits worth up to 3months of free phone service.

    By subscribing to Choo’s plan during this promo, new customers will enjoy the special bonuses, all the while cheering for the Korean baseball team.

    iTalkBB’s Marketing Manager states, “iTalkBB is striving to build a positive company image that shows that we want to connect with the ever globalizing Korean community, by coming up with a new promotion each time Korea participates in a major international sporting event. He adds, “We hope Koreans in the U.S. and Canada will take this opportunity to grow closer to their family and friends in Korea and other areas, and think more about our homeland, Korea.”

    iTalkBB introduced Choo’s Global Unlimited Plan and Choo’s Global Unlimited Plus Plan last March, and they have become iTalkBB most popular plans ever. Many iTalkBB customers just love them.
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